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Trail camera pictures

In this picture I photo shopped the deer in with the elk to show a size comparison.


  This shows a mule deer in the picture above leaving. This is as close as they actually got.

These are just some of the trail cam pictures we got in two days before the battery died.

I didn't notice but the date was set wrong. The date was set for September but it is August. 

A new location for the trail camera. Three days did not produce much for game but I got one picture of myself and my granddaughter going in to pick it up.

I decided to put the trail camera back in the first spot. After three days it only got two pictures. A doe and fawn. They were taken twelve minutes before I showed up to get the camera. The interesting thing with this series of trail cam pictures is the time sequence they all were taken. The tail cam picture with the bow hunter bow hunter is two minutes after the second trail cam picture of the mule deer. I showed up just 10 minutes after the bow hunter and found my camera still on the tree I set it up on. It had been turned a quarter turn around the tree pointing into the dead fall no longer aimed at the game trail. I am glad I went up to get the trail cam when I did. This was the evening before Utah's 2009 bow hunt started. I believe this hunter saw my trail cam on his way back down the trail and turned it. Why he would do that I don't know other than to ruin my chance of getting any more pictures. No harm done it only sat that way for minutes. It was not broke and better yet. he did not steal it.

This is one of my favorite trail cam pictures of elk.