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About Us

Some of our movies have a little cussing, and some critters end up on the dinner tableİ.

 I hunt. I eat meat. I refuse to hide. I will not apologize.
The belief that being a vegetarian saves the lives of animals is false.
It takes total annihilation of many species on the land before you can grow a lettuce patch.

The blood may not be on a vegetarians hands  but the hunger they feel eradicates the animals from their Habitat none the less. İD.Saltern,2010.
Thanks for your understanding

Salty Productions 2004 - 2014.

We are Salty Productions at I am Dave Saltern AKA Saltypro.

We get out every chance possible and take cameras To capture the moments.

A picture is worth 1000 words.

My Dad, Roy Saltern. The original Salty.


My wife Anna Saltern. She Holds the current biggest fish in our group for a cutthroat trout and the biggest Wiper .


We are from the beautiful Cache Valley in northern Utah. We like to hunt and fish. We have a photo gallery and pictures of our adventures outdoors. We also have an art gallery with western wildlife art.


After breaking four cameras in the field and a bad mother board, and the loss of two hard drives the video's are not under production at this time.

In an effort to fund this site I have opened the Saltypro Design shop. You can purchase merchandise with designs I have created

Cache Valley has been a good place to raise my family and to experience the great outdoors.

Some of the friends and family who have helped with this site. Priceless. .


I would like to note that the smiles seem to be everywhere.

The pond in my backyard. Hyrum Reservoir

If you like the outdoors like we do, you will like our site. We have taken our cameras out in the backcountry and on the water for many years hunting and fishing and collected some pretty great footage and pictures of our experiences.
Some of these I share on my you tube channel Called

Saltypro Channel

Utah Muledeer